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Report shows Limassol takes lead in new cases detected

A new national surveillance report showed 73.7% of total cases detected since the outbreak of the pandemic in March have recovered


A fresh national surveillance report monitoring the development of the coronavirus pandemic showed that the majority of cases detected over the two week period spanning from January 6-19 involved Limassol residents.

Over that two week period, a total of 3,711 coronavirus cases were detected in the Republic of Cyprus, of which 1,346 (36.3%) cases were detected in Limassol, 1,210 (32.6%) in Nicosia, 715 (19.3%) in Larnaca, 221 (6%) in Paphos, 122 (3.3%) in Famagusta, and 97 (2.6%) were reported either in the British Bases or had a residence abroad, or information was not available.

The report showed that the 14-day cumulative diagnosis rate was 417.9 per 100,000 population.

The median age of cases was 39 years. Among the 3,711 new cases detected between January 6 and January 19, 563 were under the age of 19 (15.2%), 2,399 were adults aged between 20 and 59 years (64.7%), while 748 persons were over 60 years old (20.2%).

Since the onset of the pandemic and until January 19, a total of 29,250 cases were detected and 177 deaths were fully attributed to the virus, indicating a case fatality risk of 0.6%.

The COVID-19 associated mortality is 19.9 per 100,000 population.
Coronavirus deaths involved 118 men (66.7%) and 59 (33.3%) women, while the median age of all coronavirus-associated deaths was 82 years (IQR: 74-87 years).

The median time from date of sampling to death due to coronavirus was 12 days (IQR: 6-18 days).

Among the total cases detected since the outbreak of the pandemic and until January 21, 4.8% required hospital care. The median age of hospitalized patients was 66 years (IQR: 52-78 years). Hospitalized cases were mainly males (n = 811; 58.2%).

Overall, 143 cases (10.3% of all hospitalized patients) required admission to an ICU. The median age of patients admitted to an ICU was 69 years (IQR: 62-76 years). ICU patients are mainly male (n = 99; 69.2%). The overall median length of stay in an ICU was 11 days (IQR: 7-22 days).

The number of cases currently in ICU is 4.3 per 100,000 population.

A total of 128 ICU patients (89.5% of all ICU patients) have been intubated - currently there are 34 patients intubated in an ICU.

Based on data up to January 21, 73.7% (n = 21,408) of COVID-19 cases have recovered or have been released from isolation. 1,315 (6.1%) tested negative two consecutive times, and 20,093 (93.9%) have been released as per later guidelines.

Number of deaths showing decrease in January

A total of 24 people diagnosed with COVID-19 died in the second week of 2021, corresponding to 11% of the total death toll since the outbreak of the pandemic in Cyprus.

By Thursday night, the overall death toll stood at 178.

The highest single-month death toll was recorded in December 2020, as 85 people succumbed to the virus, corresponding to 40% of total deaths.

According to a mortality report going back to March 2020 released by the health ministry on Friday, the virus has mostly attacked the 80-84 age group, to which 26% or 55 of total deaths belonged.

From the total, 53 deaths concern nursing home residents, 42 of whom died in a public hospital.
The highest percentage of coronavirus deaths was recorded among permanent residents of the Nicosia district (37%) and followed by residents of the Limassol district (31%).

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