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Risk of power cuts next week

The reason behind the strike planned by EAC employees next week

Apostolis Tomaras

Apostolis Tomaras

Due to a disagreement between the management of EAC and its employees, the nightmare of a power outage next week will return in December. As much as it sounds like an oxymoron, the possibility of disrupting the smooth flow of electricity to consumers next Wednesday is not ruled out by workers or EAC management. Labor union President Kyriakos Tafounas admitted on the SPOR FM news show "News Dispersion" that due to the announced strike measures, "there may be an issue of electricity sufficiency."  The issues that are anticipated to arise are thought to be related to the security personnel's reduced work schedule, which is expected to have a negative impact on power generation to the point where it cannot keep up with demand.


The EAC also indicates the possibility of a disruption in the flow of electricity to consumers. According to the semi-governmental organization, problems with electricity as well as the production system will arise if the production units of Dhekelia are shut down in such a situation.

The Unions

According to the Labor union president, who spoke to "Diaspora News, "the workers' shared realization that EAC has been choked off recently while being excluded from renewable energy sources is the basis for the strike measures. The employees are wailing over EAC's understaffing and the costly Dhekelia power plant operation. The employees noted that they had warned the government and the agency with mild measures a month and twenty days ago but to no avail.



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