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Roman shipwreck discovered off Protaras

According to archaeologists the shipwreck dates back to Roman times


The Department of Antiquities announced on Thursday the discovery of a Roman era shipwreck off the coast of Cyprus.

According to archaeologists the shipwreck dates back to Roman times and is loaded with amphorae probably from Syria and Cilicia.

It is believed to be the first Roman era ship to be found in such a good condition in Cyprus.

The discovery was made by volunteer divers Andreas Kritiotis and Spyros Spyrou who are members of the underwater archaeological research team of the Maritime Archaeological Research Laboratory of the University of Cyprus. According to marine archaeologist Stella Demesticha the divers were inspecting a previously discovered Ottoman era shipwreck when they made discovery.

The Antiquities Department said that it will secure state funding for the preservation of this archaeological treasure.

The significance of the find is of great importance for Cypriot archeology, since it is also the first time that underwater archaeological research is conducted on funding from the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works.

The Department of Antiquities and the Research Unit of Archeology of the University of Cyprus expressed their gratitude to Mr. Spyrou and Mr. Kritioti for the discovery, praising their contribution to the protection of cultural heritage of Cypriot society.

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