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''Russia ready to defend against NATO and US threats,'' says Putin

Navalny's death casts shadow on Putin's unchallenged march to reelection


In his State of the Nation Address, Russian President Putin issued stern warnings to NATO and the United States, accusing them of deception and preparing to strike Russian territory.

As Metro UK reports, during the televised speech to top officials and lawmakers, Putin emphasized Russia's readiness to defend its territory with formidable weapons, even hinting at the potential use of nuclear arms.

Addressing the possibility of Western troop deployment in Ukraine, Putin cautioned of "tragic consequences" and reiterated Russia's stance on preventing Ukraine's NATO membership to safeguard Russian security. However, Ukraine and its allies view Russia's actions as unwarranted aggression.

Putin lamented the prevalence of 'Russophobia' and stressed Russia's role in maintaining global stability. He criticized the US for thwarting nuclear agreements and accused it of seeking to undermine Russia's position.

With Russia's presidential election approaching, Putin, poised for reelection, faces minimal opposition due to constraints on dissenting voices. The recent death of prominent opposition figure Alexei Navalny underscores the challenges to political dissent in Russia.

[With information sourced from Metro UK]

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