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Russian driver faces manslaughter

Cypriot police say SUV's black box not found under the hood in highway fatal accident


A Russian driver facing manslaughter charges following a fatal highway accident has been ordered to stand trial following a review of the case by the Legal Department.

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The Cyprus News Agency reported on Thursday that the 50-year-old Russian male, who is in remanded custody in connection with last week’s post-midnight fatal accident, was operating his vehicle under the influence of alcohol and sleeping pills last Thursday.

A car expert, who reviewed photos of the accident, told Knews that the Russian driver’s vehicle was most likely a BMW X5E70, which is equipped with an Event Data Recorder

A Greek Cypriot man, 27-year-old Panayiotis Christoforou, was brutally killed when the car driven by the Russian suspect slammed into the local driver’s car from behind on the Nicosia-Limassol highway just outside Limassol’s Mouttayiaka.

Reports said witnesses told police they were flashing their headlights when they saw at least one vehicle speeding along the highway, after police had asked members of the public to come forward with any information pertaining to the accident.

A car expert, who reviewed photos of the accident, told Knews that the Russian driver’s vehicle was most likely a BMW X5E70. The particular SUV model is equipped with an Event Data Recorder (EDR).

But police told CNA a “black box” had not been found under the hood of the vehicle in question, which was described as an older model. CNA also said police investigators have sent several vehicle parts to the German auto company in order to conduct further testing.

According to Philenews, a toxicology report did not show any potential toxins such as prescription medications in Christoforou’s blood.

No further official details were made public while a criminal trial is expected to be underway soon. The Russian driver, who reportedly made no statements to police, is eligible for release when his remand expires on Friday.

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