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Russian Opposition Leader Navalny goes missing

Lawyers desperate as Russian Opposition Leader's whereabouts unknown


Lawyers representing Alexey Navalny are grappling with an alarming situation as they have lost contact with the Russian opposition leader, raising concerns about his safety.

As CNN and AP report, Navalny, serving a 19-year prison sentence on charges of extremism, was believed to be in a penal colony east of Moscow, but his exact location is now unknown.

Navalny's legal troubles escalated in August when he received a 19-year sentence, adding to existing charges. Supporters argue that his imprisonment is a politically motivated move to silence his criticism of President Vladimir Putin.

Despite efforts, lawyers have been denied access to two penal colonies where Navalny was thought to be held, adding to the mystery. The White House expressed deep concern about his disappearance, calling for his immediate release.

Recent developments include Navalny missing a scheduled court appearance via video link, reportedly due to an electricity issue in the prison. Concerns about his health have intensified after he experienced dizziness and collapsed in his cell, prompting urgent medical attention.

Navalny's disappearance coincides with Putin's announcement of a presidential run in 2024, potentially extending his rule until 2030. Navalny, a long-standing thorn in Putin's side, gained international attention when he was poisoned with Novichok in 2020.

The latest episode underscores the challenges faced by Navalny, who has been a vocal critic of the Kremlin and has organized anti-government protests. As global concern grows, the search for Navalny intensifies, leaving many questions unanswered about his well-being and the motives behind his mysterious disappearance.

[With information sourced from CNN and AP]

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