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Russian security chief accuses Ukraine, US, and UK in Moscow attack

Accusations by FSB Director raise tensions as Ukraine denies allegations and US confirms ISIS role


The Federal Security Service (FSB) director, Alexander Bortnikov, accused Ukraine, the United States, and Britain of involvement in the recent deadly attack on a concert hall near Moscow, which claimed the lives of at least 139 people.

Bortnikov claimed that Ukrainian special services had aided Islamist radicals in preparing the attack. However, Ukraine has vehemently denied any involvement, labeling the accusations as lies. Bortnikov did not provide specific evidence to support the allegations, raising concerns about potential escalations in the conflict.

The Kremlin has previously framed the West, particularly the United States and Britain, as enemies due to their support for Ukraine. The Russian Security Council's secretary, Nikolai Patrushev, echoed these sentiments, attributing the attack to Ukraine. However, Ukrainian officials dismissed these claims as falsehoods.

The accusations shed light on the hawkish stance within the Kremlin and highlight tensions between Russia and Western powers. Meanwhile, the United States has intelligence confirming the Islamic State's claim of responsibility for the attack, but Russia remains skeptical of this information. Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed to punish those responsible for the attack and suggested that radical Islamists carried it out. However, he questioned their motives and speculated about external influences prompting the attack.

Source: Reuters

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