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Security alert issued for US citizens in France following Moscow attack

Moscow concert hall shooting claimed 139 lives according to Russian authorities


The American embassy in Paris has issued a security alert for U.S. citizens in France in the wake of last week's terrorist attack in Moscow.

According to a report on Fox News, heightened security measures are expected in public areas across France, including transportation hubs, tourist sites, and large commercial centers.

The embassy advised visitors to remain vigilant, especially in congested tourist areas, and urged the public to report any suspicious activity to law enforcement.

This warning follows the French government's decision to raise its national security alert system to its highest level after the Moscow concert hall shooting, which claimed 139 lives according to Russian authorities attributing the attack to "radical Islamists."

In response, Italy has also heightened security measures, particularly around Holy Week observances leading up to Easter weekend, with increased surveillance and checks in crowded areas and sensitive locations. Pope Francis's schedule in Rome and at the Vatican during this period adds to the focus on security concerns.

[With information sourced from Fox News]

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