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Scattered showers and surging winds ahead

Chance of snow in Troodos this Saturday


Ready for your daily weather update? Well, grab your umbrellas because we've got some interesting changes headed our way.

So, it looks like we've got a weak low-pressure system hanging around the area today. What does that mean? Well, expect some scattered clouds rolling in throughout the day. Don't be surprised if you feel a few drops, especially out west. Later on, we might even see some isolated showers or thunderstorms up in the northeast.

As for the winds, they'll mainly be coming from the southwest to northwest, starting off light to moderate and gradually picking up a bit. Down south and along the eastern coasts, they could even get a bit gusty, reaching around 5 on the ol' Beaufort scale. And the sea? Well, it's gonna be a bit choppy, especially out west and up north.

Temperatures? Well, they'll be hovering around 20 degrees Celsius inland, around 21 along the southwest and west coasts, and dropping to around 8 degrees up in the mountains.

Now, let's talk about tonight. We might see some more clouds drifting in, maybe a few showers along the northern coasts, but overall, things should clear up as the night goes on.

Tomorrow? Expect mostly sunny skies with a few clouds here and there. Saturday and Sunday? More of the same, sunny with some high clouds drifting by. But hey, if you're up in the mountains, don't rule out the chance of a stray shower, especially on Saturday. And hey, there might even be a dusting of snow up on the tippy-top of Mount Troodos on Saturday!

Temperature-wise, we'll see a gradual drop until Saturday, dipping a bit below average, but don't worry, Sunday's looking to warm things up just a tad. So, there you have it, folks! Keep those jackets handy and enjoy the changing weather scene!

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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