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Scorcher gets high dust levels as cherry on top

With temperatures at code red, high concentrations of dust were also found plaguing the Cyprus atmosphere, particularly in Paphos and Paralimni, with the public urged to stay indoors


Scorching temperatures on Friday were met with high concentrations of dust, with vulnerable groups urged to avoid going outdoors as much as possible.

With a red weather warning for extremely high temperatures in effect until Friday afternoon, as temperatures are expected to soar to 45 degrees Celsius, high dust levels in the Cyprus atmosphere announced by the labour ministry only makes the scorcher even more dangerous.

The labour ministry’s department of labour inspection said ground measurements from air quality monitoring stations posted across the island found dangerous levels of particulate matter of a diameter smaller than 10 μm (PM10), with the department urging the public to remain indoors.

Employers were also called to take appropriate measures to ensure that any employees working in open spaces remain safe, while the labour minister Zeta Emilianidou tweeted that hard labour conducted outdoors should be suspended until 5pm.

According to a 2pm update of the island’s dust concentrations, PM10 levels in Nicosia are at 46.2 μg/m3, 53.9 μg/m3 in Limassol, 79.7 μg/m3 in Larnaca, 33.6 μg/m3 in Paphos, 124.3 μg/m3 in Paralimni, and 29.9 μg/m3 in Ayia Marina Xyliatou.

The average daily safe limit value of PM10 is set at 50 μg/m3.

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