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Scouts rescued after mountain ordeal

Group of scouts with their leaders rescued after being trapped on a mountain slope


A group of scouts trapped Saturday on a slope in the Troodos Mountains were all rescued by Sunday morning, following an operation that lasted almost 12 hours.

Local media reported that a total of 21 scouts, including 17 minors and 4 scouters, were lost Saturday afternoon after being trapped on a dangerous slope along a nature trail from Troodos to Agios Nicolaos Stegis.

One of the adult scout leaders, who dialed the emergency number for help at sundown, gave a description of his surroundings but could not pin point the group’s exact location.

Dispatchers were able to find their location through his phone signal, using the Zoom Cyprus application according to Reaction Cyprus. First responders were able to reach them at 9:45pm according to Cyprus News Agency.

Some reports said the group was trapped on a dangerous slope in an inaccessible area during a mountain climbing exercise

Rescuers managed to pull everyone to safety by Sunday morning, with two girl scouts transported to Larnaca General Hospital and all the boys taken to Kyperounda where their parents were waiting at the local health centre.

All scouts were said to be in good health and were immediately given hot beverages and blankets. Emergency medics also monitored the group for precautionary reasons, looking for any possible signs of hypothermia.

A police officer and a rescue volunteer were reportedly injured during the effort that lasted almost 12 hours, due to the difficult nature of the operation. They were taken to the Emergency Room at Nicosia General Hospital where they were treated for light injuries and bone fractures respectively.

Reports said the group was trapped on a dangerous slope in an inaccessible area during a mountain climbing exercise.

Local residents, who were familiar with the area, were said to have joined rescuers and other emergency first responders, including members of the Civil Defence, National Guard, and the Forest Department.

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