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Family stranded in snow

Man with wife and kids loses bearings in Troodos, rescuers locate them hours later


A family of five had to call the emergency number on Sunday when they were lost in the Troodos wilderness and could not get back on the road due to snow.

Police were called to assist a local family get back on the road, when during a snow outing in Troodos, a man with his family drove their vehicle on a mountain dirt road in an area covered with snow.

The man, described as a 35-year-old Cypriot national, was driving in a forested area somewhere between Prodromos and Troodos, with his 33-year-old wife and their three young children in the car.

Around 2pm he lost his bearings and could not find a way to get back on the road, until around 4:30pm when he gave up trying and called the police

At one point, around 2pm, he lost his bearings and could not find a way to get back on the road. Around 4:30pm, the man gave up trying and called the police to ask for help.

Rescuers with a special emergency response vehicle located the stranded family around 7:30pm, some 10 kilometres down the road near the Prodromos Reservoir.

The entire family was escorted to a local police station, while the couple and the kids were said to be in good health and were able to head back home.

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, there have been a number of incidents where rescuers were called in to help stranded visitors.

Police did not say whether the family’s vehicle was equipped with four-wheel or anti-skid chains, while local reports said there was snow and sleet in the area.

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