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Semi-conscious girl dies in Limassol hospital

Reports say mother previously signed hospital release form and took her 8-year-old daughter home


A young girl died at Limassol General on Monday morning when her mother took her to the Emergency Room only hours after they left hospital.

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According to CNA News Agency, an 8-year-old girl with high fever was taken to the Emergency Room on Sunday afternoon.

Doctors on duty at the Limassol General Hospital reportedly told the mother, described only as a foreign national, that her little girl should remain in hospital for medical care.

Reports also said the mother at some point asked to sign a release form and took her daughter back home.

Around 2am Monday morning, the mother came back with her daughter who had a low pulse and high fever and was described as being in partial loss of consciousness.

Despite doctors’ efforts to save the girl's life, she did not regain consciousness and she passed away in the hospital.

CNA reported that the doctors followed procedure from the first time the girl arrived in the Emergency Room.

The exact cause of death will be determined during an autopsy currently scheduled for Tuesday.

This story previously cited other sources that misidentified the young victim as a male.

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