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Severe weather warnings across Cyprus

Orange alert for stormy conditions


Cyprus is bracing for a spell of unsettled weather as a low-pressure system, dubbed ''Dawn,'' exerts its influence over the island nation until Thursday, according to forecasts from the Meteorological Service.

The weather outlook for Wednesday paints a picture of cloudy skies and sporadic showers across Cyprus, with thunderstorms and snowfall anticipated in mountainous regions.

These thunderstorms may be accompanied by hail, while heavy snowfall is expected intermittently, particularly in elevated areas.

Temperature differentials are expected across the island, with inland areas forecasted to reach highs of 13 degrees Celsius.

Southern and eastern coastal regions are likely to experience temperatures around 16 degrees Celsius, while western and northern coastal zones will see temperatures hovering at approximately 14 degrees Celsius.

In mountainous regions, temperatures are set to plummet to as low as 2 degrees Celsius, triggering freezing conditions.

As nightfall descends, cloudy conditions are expected to persist, with localized showers, isolated thunderstorms, and ongoing snowfall in mountainous terrain.

Temperatures are slated to drop, reaching lows of 4 degrees Celsius inland, 6 degrees Celsius along the coast, and a chilling -2 degrees Celsius in higher elevations, posing potential risks of icy roads.

An orange alert, issued by the Cyprus Meteorology Department, remains in effect until 22:00 Wednesday due to the impact of the low-pressure system "Dawn." The alert warns of heavy rains, strong thunderstorms, and the likelihood of hail, particularly in the northern and eastern regions of the island.

In a separate advisory, the Meteorology Department advises stakeholders and citizens to inspect and clear drainage systems to avert water accumulation during potential rainfall.

Road closures have been enforced in response to light snowfall, impacting routes leading to Troodos. Motorists are advised to exercise caution and consider utilizing 4x4 vehicles or those equipped with snow chains.

As Cyprus braces for adverse weather conditions, residents are urged to remain vigilant and stay updated on weather bulletins and updates from the Meteorology Department to ensure their safety and preparedness amidst the inclement weather.

Stay tuned for further developments as Cyprus navigates through this period of atmospheric instability.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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