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Shots fired at Paphos General Hospital

Police fire warning shots to thwart escape attempt of a detainee after medical visit


Police officers fired shots at Paphos General Hospital to thwart an escape attempt by a detainee on Tuesday evening.

According to Cyprus News Agency, two police officers transferred a 24-year-old male suspect to the hospital after he had requested a visit to the doctor. Following the medical exam, between 8:30pm and 9pm, the man reportedly pushed one of the officers and made a run for it.

There were no reports of any complaints by medical staff following the shooting incident

The officers then fired two warning shots to scare the handcuffed suspect, who gave up and was placed under arrest once again, according to CNA.

The suspect, described as a Paphos resident, was initially arrested following allegations launched against him by his 31-year-old girlfriend, also from Paphos, who told police he used threats to demand €3000 from her.

Police arrested the suspect on Tuesday around noon on charges of illegal knife possession. He is also facing theft by extortion charges.

There were no reports of complaints by medical staff following the shooting incident.

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