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Showers dance in, fog steps out

Rainy surprises and foggy mysteries unfold


Today, as the local thin fog and low clouds dissipate, expect intermittent clouds with the possibility of isolated showers in the afternoon, mainly in the mountains and inland areas.

Gentle winds around 3 Beaufort and relatively calm seas are anticipated.

Temperatures will reach around 20 degrees inland and along the coast, dropping to approximately 9 degrees in higher mountainous regions.

Tonight, sporadic increased cloudiness may bring isolated showers to the southern coasts. Later, especially in the eastern half, scattered fog is expected to form.

Winds will shift to mainly northwest to northeast, weak, ranging from 2 to 3 Beaufort, with the sea remaining calm to slightly choppy.

Temperatures will decrease to around 8 degrees inland, approximately 10 along the coasts, and about 3 degrees in higher mountains, with localized frost possible.

On Friday, expect sporadic high clouds. Saturday and Sunday's weather will feature intermittent clouds, potentially bringing local and light showers on Sunday.

Temperatures are not expected to undergo significant changes over the weekend, staying above average.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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