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Small parties gain traction in Kathimerini poll this Sunday

Fidias emerges as election wild card in Sunday's Kathimerini poll


This Sunday, a significant survey conducted by Kathimerini and Symmetron Market Research sheds light on the upcoming European elections, offering valuable insights into voter sentiment and political dynamics.

Days before the elections, the polling data reveals a tight race between DISY and AKEL, with neither party establishing a clear lead, making the competition a true toss-up. Meanwhile, ELAM finds itself in a heated contest with DIKO for third place, highlighting the fierce competition among smaller parties vying for influence.

One notable aspect of the survey is the emergence of Fidias as a significant factor, representing the enigmatic "X" of voter abstention and support for smaller political entities. This phenomenon underscores the complexity of voter behavior and the potential impact of lesser-known parties on the electoral landscape.

As the elections approach, attention shifts to the allocation of seats in the European Parliament. The survey offers insights into which parties are poised to secure representation, shaping the future composition of the parliament.

Additionally, the poll evaluates the performance of incumbent MEPs, identifying those who have garnered positive recognition from voters and those who have failed to make a lasting impression.

Beyond party politics, the survey delves into the image of political leaders and the president, highlighting the importance of public perception in shaping electoral outcomes. As the battle of impressions intensifies, these findings provide valuable insights into the evolving political landscape ahead of the European elections.

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