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Soldier quarantined in Cyprus 'high risk' case

Greek soldier tests negative but remains isolated after mother says she was infected with coronavirus


A Greek soldier has been quarantined in Cyprus after a trip he took to Greece where his mother tested positive for the coronavirus.

According to local media, a young Greek national doing his military service in the Republic of Cyprus notified authorities on the island after learning from his mother that she had been infected with the Covid-19 virus.

The soldier, who visited his family in Greece recently, returned to Cyprus earlier this week and was contacted by his mother with the news that she had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Officials were trying to retrace the soldier’s steps over the past few days, instructing those who may have been in contact with him to stay away from public areas

According to the health ministry, the soldier dialed 1420 and informed officials about his situation. He was taken to Nicosia General Hospital on Friday with reports saying he was then transferred to Limassol General after showing symptoms similar to a respiratory infection. 

Hours later the soldier tested negative but remained isolated as a “high risk” case for the Wuhan bug.

Reports said officials were also trying to retrace the soldier’s steps over the past few days, instructing those who may have been in contact with him to remain isolated and stay away from public areas.

A number of Greek soldiers who were in close proximity with the suspected carrier were reportedly taken to seperate barracks, while health officials have asked army officers not to allow soliders to go on leave until the situation became clear.

Officials say it may be a matter of time until a coronavirus infection is confirmed in Cyprus, while some experts remain optimistic that the probability of an infection is getting lower as weather improves.

The Cypriot government says it has taken all precautions and is doing all it can to prevent a coronavirus spread on the divided island, including a controversial decision to close a number of checkpoints between north and south.

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