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Spotty afternoon rain this week in Cyprus

Strong winds in some areas, showers and thunderstorms in the mix, temps drop Friday


Afternoon rain is expected to dominate Cypriot skies this week with a drop in temperature taking place just before the weekend.

A low pressure system is affecting the area over the island on Tuesday, with mostly clear weather in the morning switching to increasing cloudy skies mainly inland and in the mountains.

Strong winds are expected Tuesday in the south as well as local areas in the west, where cloudy skies will persist through the evening.

Tuesday highs will reach 33 degrees Celsius inland, 31 in the south, east, and north, 30 in the west, while it will be 26 high up in the mountains.

No rain is expected Tuesday despite low evening clouds out west, with temperature lows in that region dropping to 22 degrees, 20 inland, 21 in all other coastal regions, while it will be 15 higher up.

But increasing afternoon clouds on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are expected to bring rain, with some chances of isolated showers mainly inland throughout the three-day period. 

Weather officials have also not ruled out isolated thunderstorms in the east on Thursday. While island-wide temperatures will remain unchanged through most of the week, a slight drop is expected on Friday.

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