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Racial undertones as Ukrainian knife-wielding suspect arraigned

Charge sheet includes references to racism but not attempted murder as called for by Russian embassy


A Ukrainian woman accused of carrying out a knife attack against Russians who were celebrating their national flag day last month is facing multiple charges with some references alluding to hate crimes.

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A Larnaca district judge on Monday set bail at €2000 for a Ukrainian woman, who was arrested last month in the southern coastal town during an assault in progress against Russian citizens that was also caught on video.

According to local media, the 55-year-old woman from Ukraine was subdued by citizens and police on August 22 as she was wielding a knife and threatening Russian nationals who had gathered to join celebrations on their nation’s Flag Day.

Reports said a Russian woman was specifically targeted during the incident, with eyewitnesses saying the perpetrator had intended to stab her victim

State prosecutors have filed multiple charges, including two counts of assault, knife possession, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and carrying a weapon with intent to terrorize.

According to police representative Charis Hadjiyiasemi, the woman’s lawyer was provided with a charge sheet and evidence files in the case during the arraignment hearing.

Hadjiyiasemi also added that five out of a total of seven charges included specific references in the penal code regarding offenses related to racism.

Russian embassy officials in Nicosia, who initially argued the incident was played down by authorities and the media, have called for the defendant to face attempted murder charges after pointing to specific online comments by the suspect days prior to the incident.

Reports said a Russian woman was specifically targeted during the incident, with the Russian embassy saying “eyewitnesses said the perpetrator intended to stab her victim in the neck” and suggested the assailant’s target was one of the organizers of the pro-Russia event.

No attempted murder charges have been filed in the case.

The defendant remains free and will be due back in court on October 5 to answer to the charges.

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