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Steady sunshine and sparse dust

Clear weather bliss on the horizon


Today, on the 24th of October, the weather in our region promises clear skies and the occasional presence of sparse dust particles in the atmosphere.

As we move through the day, temperatures will follow a predictable pattern, rising to 34 degrees Celsius in the inland areas, approximately 32 degrees along the southern and eastern coasts, around 30 degrees on the western and northern coasts, and settling at 26 degrees in the higher mountainous regions.

For the remainder of the day, we can expect mostly clear weather with intermittent occurrences of sparse dust. Winds will be predominantly blowing from the northwest to northeast, maintaining a light to moderate strength of 3 to 4 Beaufort.

Locally, in some areas, winds may shift to southeast to southwest with a similar intensity. The sea conditions will be slightly rough.

As we transition into the evening, the weather will continue to favor clear skies. Winds will persist in their northwest to northeast direction, remaining light at 3 Beaufort. The sea, during this period, is expected to be calm to slightly choppy.

The thermometer will read 19 degrees in the inland regions, hovering around 20 degrees along the coast, and settling at 15 degrees in the higher mountainous areas.

Looking ahead to Wednesday, the weather will maintain its predominantly clear disposition. Thursday brings the possibility of intermittent high clouds, which may alter the sky's appearance.

However, as we reach the end of the week on Friday, we can anticipate a return to mostly clear weather conditions.

In terms of temperatures, no significant changes are expected over the three-day period. They will continue to stay above the seasonal average, making it crucial for residents and visitors to be mindful of the warm climate.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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