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Stray dogs find a home in a priest's church

Brazilian priest rescues homeless dogs to give them a chance for adoption

Source: India Today

In a touching display of compassion and kindness, Brazilian priest Joao Paulo Araujo Gomes has embarked on a mission to provide a second chance at life to stray dogs in need. A member of the Diocese of Caruaru, Father Joao Paulo Araujo Gomes, has become an advocate for these abandoned animals, going above and beyond to ensure they find loving homes.

Father Gomes' heartwarming initiative involves rescuing stray dogs from the harsh streets, providing them with nourishment, and even giving them a soothing bath to prepare them for a fresh start. However, what sets this priest's efforts apart is his unique approach to helping the strays.

During each church service, Father Gomes introduces one of the rescued dogs to the congregation, allowing them to be part of the mass. This heartwarming act not only draws attention to the plight of these animals but also provides an opportunity for churchgoers to adopt and give these dogs a home forever.

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The results have been nothing short of remarkable, with dozens of stray dogs finding loving families thanks to Father Gomes' compassion and determination. Serving the church since 2013, Father Gomes has helped find homes for many strays.

"I wish I could welcome all the animals, but we work with many limitations. Everything I do depends on volunteers and volunteers who help me, so it's not my merits but those people's, too,” he told The Dodo in a 2019 interview.

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