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05 October, 2023
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Strong winds slap coastal south

Highs in the mid to upper 30’s with afternoon gusts expected south, rain later in the week


Maximum high temperatures are expected to be below 40 on Wednesday and Thursday, as a warm front is on its way out with a chance of showers later in the week.

Skies will be clear in the early part of the day while increasing clouds are also expected to appear in the afternoon mainly over the mountains.

Gusts and very strong winds are also expected along the southern shores Wednesday and Thursday, with up to 6 points on the Beaufort wind force scale, while strong winds are also expected throughout the region. The sea will range from relatively calm to choppy waters at times in the south throughout the afternoon.

Maximum highs will reach 39° degrees Celsius inland, around 33 in the east and south, and around 30 in all other coastal regions as well as up in the mountains.

Evening weather is expected to remain mostly clear but with chances of light fog and low clouds over local areas. Minimum lows will register up to 21 degrees in the interior as well as in the coastal regions, while it will be 17 in the mountains.

Rain on the way

Chances of afternoon rain and possibly isolated thunderstorms are likely in the following days inland and in the mountains, between Thursday and Saturday, while skies will be clear in the early part of the day and throughout most of the day during the same three-day period.

Thursday and Friday temperatures will remain roughly the same while a slight increase is expected on Saturday, when temperatures will remain just a little bit above the normal average for this time of the year.

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