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Suicides in Greece up by 25% in the last two years

There were 600 suicides reported in 2022, corresponding to 2 per day

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

The number of people committing suicide in Greece in 2022 increased by almost 25% relative to 2020, according to the annual suicide data reported and analyzed by the Suicide Observatory Klimaka.

The total number of reported suicides in 2022 was close to 600, with analysts noting that this figure actually corresponds to at least two suicides a day, given that suicide deaths are generally under-reported throughout the world.

“Τhe total number of recorded suicides is the tip of the iceberg and in no way reflects the overall dimension of the problem, as for various reasons the under-reporting of suicides is a given at the global level, according to the World Health Organization,” the authors of the report said.

The report said the vast majority of people who had taken their lives were male (78%), with female suicides making up 22%. In terms of age group, people over 60 had the highest number of suicides compared to other age groups in the population. The number of suicides among young people in general (ages over 20) shows increasing trends compared to 2021 figures.

In terms of regions, the highest number of suicides in 2022 was recorded in Crete (17% of the total number of deaths), followed by Central Macedonia.

The most common method of suicide at the population level was hanging, followed by falling and self-inflicted gunfire. Most of the victims belonged to the economically active population of the country and were married, while 55% of deaths took place inside the deceased’s home.

Furthermore, the majority of suicides occurred during the summer months (June, July and August), while the days with the highest number of suicides were Mondays and Tuesdays.

Also, last year, 18 suicides were recorded in so-called high-risk areas of the country (suicide hotspots): 11 occurred in detention centers, seven inside train and metro stations, eight inside health units and three inside military camps in the country. In addition, there were at least 11 suicides of workers in high-risk occupations, such as security forces, and three suicides of military personnel.

“Greece remains one of the few countries that has not taken any institutional initiative to protect self-destructive individuals,” Klimaka said in its report, which has been a standing demand of the organization, adding that 95% of deaths could have been prevented if there had been timely and effective interventions.

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