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20 May, 2024
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Sunlit days with gentle showers

Island forecast brings calm winds and light rain


Today's forecast brings a serene mix of sunshine and soft clouds drifting by. Imagine waking up to the gentle embrace of morning light, with the promise of a peaceful day ahead. As noon approaches, delicate clouds may glide in, offering a refreshing sprinkle in select southeastern spots.

Winds whisper softly from the southwest to the northwest, gradually picking up pace, especially along the tranquil southwestern coastlines. The seas sway with a gentle rhythm, occasionally playing with gentle waves. Temperatures offer a comforting embrace, settling around 20 degrees Celsius inland and along the coast, and a cozy 9 degrees Celsius in the tranquil mountain reaches.

As evening descends, nature's lullaby begins. Most parts of the island are bathed in the soft glow of twilight, with occasional wisps of clouds drifting by, hinting at a gentle shower here and there in the west and north. Winds murmur gently, shifting to a southwest to northwest breeze, barely brushing past at 3 Beaufort.

The seas, like a slumbering giant, stir subtly in the south and east, while maintaining a calm demeanor in the west and north. Temperatures ease into the night, settling at around 7 degrees Celsius inland, a soothing 9 degrees Celsius along the coast, and a tranquil 1 degree Celsius in the mountain retreats, where whispers of frost may linger.

Looking ahead to the weekend, envision Saturday and Sunday as peaceful respites bathed in golden sunlight, with intermittent clouds casting a serene ambiance, and perhaps a fleeting shower in mountainous realms. And as Monday arrives, anticipate a gentle interplay of sun and clouds, with light showers dancing across the landscape in the afternoon and evening.

In the realm of temperatures, expect a subtle cooling touch on Saturday, particularly along the coastlines, yet rest assured, for as Monday unfolds, temperatures shall rise gently, offering a touch of warmth slightly beyond the ordinary for this time of year.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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