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Swearing parrots pose risk of vulgar clock chaos in wildlife park

Lincolnshire park risks 100 birds adopting explicit vocabulary


In a daring move, Lincolnshire Wildlife Park is relocating its notorious swearing parrots to a larger flock of over 100 birds. The decision comes as three more feathery offenders join the original five African greys introduced to the park in 2020.

According to a report on The Independent, CEO Steve Nichols, acknowledging the risk, explained the park's strategy to "dilute" the swearing habit by integrating the parrots into a bigger group. However, he humorously admitted, "We could end up with 100 swearing parrots on our hands. Only time will tell."

Nichols emphasized the importance of parrots being in a flock for their well-being. Despite their colorful language, he hopes the swearing will be drowned out by the general noise of the flock.

The original five parrots, including the infamous Billy, Tyson, Eric, Jade, and Elsie, became the park's star attraction after spending three months in isolation. A recent Instagram post from the park playfully addressed the parrots' antics.

The three new culprits, Eric, Captain, and Sheila, have joined the ranks of foul-mouthed feathered friends. A disclaimer, cautioning visitors about the parrots' "Blue Language," greets them at the enclosure.

Mr. Nichols, with 35 years of experience, believes the parrots won't completely give up their explicit vocabulary. However, he is optimistic that they will learn to imitate other sounds, such as the reversing lorry beeping, a skill already mastered by 30 other birds in the park.

Despite the challenges, the park remains committed to the welfare of its avian residents, aiming for a harmonious blend of squawks and perhaps a bit less swearing.

[With information sourced from The Independent]

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