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Tatar links 'solution' to hydrocarbons

'We do not accept the confidence-building measures cooked up by the Greek Cypriot side'

Source: CNA

Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar expressed the view that the conflict over the hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean highlights the importance of the "struggle for sovereignty", during his speech at the "Victory Day" ceremony.

The anniversary of the Asia Minor catastrophe was "celebrated" today in occupied Nicosia with a "military" ceremony attended by Tatar, Turkey's "ambassador" and Turkish Cypriot politicians.

Referring to this day, Tatar claimed that his leadership was projecting "the new (two-state) policy, taking into account Cyprus' past and the games that have been played for years".

Tatar said that "we do not accept the confidence-building measures that the Greek Cypriot side is cooking up and the proposals that will extend the sovereignty (of the Republic of Cyprus) over the TRNC", referring to the pseudo-state.

Finally, Tatar said that "our proposals are on the table. We support a solution based on cooperation between the two states. We will never give up our sovereign rights".

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