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EC promoting bi-communal solar energy power plant

EU focusing on diversifying its natural gas sources in order to prevent dependencies in the future

Source: CNA

The European Commission has been promoting the idea of creating a bi-communal solar power plant that would “contribute to the energy needs of both communities”, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in an interview with the Cyprus News Agency. This Commission has “prepared the ground for the development of a pre-feasibility study” according to the President.

Von der Leyen also commented on potential confidence-building measures between the two communities in Cyprus, saying that there could be an agreement regarding the distribution of electricity generated from natural gas using the FSRU Terminal under construction on the island, which could launch “a broader discussion about energy management in Cyprus”.

Responding to written questions on issues of energy, Von der Leyen underlined that the Commission expects Turkey to abstain from unilateral actions against EU member states and stressed that “renewed unilateral actions or provocations in breach of international law” would have “political and economic consequences” for the country.

In her interview, Von der Leyen also talked about the way Cyprus can contribute to the EU’s energy security ahead of the winter through energy savings, and explained that the EU is focusing on diversifying its natural gas sources in order to prevent dependencies in the future.

She also underlined that she believes that the majority of Europeans understand the need for sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine and added that Moscow bears sole responsibility for increased energy and food prices.

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