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Tatar's adviser clarifies camera placement for security in Agios Dometios

UN supervision challenged by Turkish Cypriot diplomat


In a recent TV broadcast on 'Bayrak,' academic Hossein Ishiksal, special adviser to the Turkish Cypriot leader for international relations and diplomacy, announced significant measures for border security and addressed the issue of the buffer zone in the Agios Dometios area. Ishiksal emphasized that the buffer zone, often a source of contention, will be a key topic during negotiations or cooperation processes.

The adviser pointed out the installation of a security camera in Agios Dometios, highlighting the need for monitoring to address concerns about illegal immigration and border security. He challenged the Greek Cypriot side, stating, "The buffer zone is not yours; it is under the supervision of the United Nations." Ishiksal emphasized that the buffer zone constitutes 3.5% of the territory and hinted at discussions regarding territorial rights and potential velvet separation in the future.

Highlighting the diplomatic efforts of Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar and Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertugruloglu, Ishiksal expressed confidence in the direction they are taking. He addressed the normalization process, emphasizing the need to focus on the clear path ahead, including the construction of a new road to assert the autonomy of the Turkish Cypriot people.

Shifting gears, Ishiksal drew attention to the arms race in the region, comparing the Greek Cypriot side's military activities to Israel's mentality. He revealed details about the Republic of Cyprus' substantial budget allocation for Merkava tanks from Israel and expressed concerns about the Greek Cypriot side's rapid armament, including anti-aircraft systems and drones.

In a bold assertion, Ishiksal drew parallels with the Palestinian situation, warning about potential international media bias in the event of conflict. He emphasized the importance of Turkey's effective guarantees for security and questioned the relevance of the UN Security Council, declaring it to have "passed its expiration date."

Concluding his statements, Ishiksal underscored the significance of maintaining the pseudo-state's state structure and rejected any comparison to Palestine. He emphasized the need for cooperation between the two communities and reiterated the validity of the Turkish Cypriot leader's cooperation proposals submitted the previous summer. The adviser concluded with a call for peaceful growth and cooperation between the two peoples sharing the island.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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