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18 linked to Pournara events deported, 11 in line for expulsion

Unraveling the aftermath of Pournara turmoil


In the aftermath of the recent turmoil in KEPY Pournara, a total of 18 individuals linked to the incidents have already been deported, with an additional eleven set to follow suit.

Information obtained from the Ministry of Interior reveals that in response to the disturbances that unfolded in the KEPY Pournara area on the evening of November 6, authorities swiftly initiated measures for the apprehension and deportation of individuals of African origin involved in the events. As of now, 18 deportations have been successfully carried out.

The Ministry further discloses that for another 11 individuals, the necessary procedures have been completed. Presently situated in Menoyia since the day their asylum applications were scrutinized and subsequently rejected, these individuals are slated for deportation on upcoming flights.

The incidents in KEPY Pournara have sparked a rigorous response from law enforcement, emphasizing the commitment to maintaining order and addressing challenges posed by such events. The efficient processing of deportations underscores the government's dedication to swiftly resolving issues arising from the recent disturbances.

As the situation unfolds, authorities remain vigilant, ensuring that legal processes are adhered to while taking decisive actions to restore calm in the aftermath of the events in KEPY Pournara.

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