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Tech execs return $3,500 Apple Vision Pro because of comfort complaints

Motion sickness: Apple Vision Pro faces backlash


Some early adopters of Apple's much-anticipated Vision Pro mixed reality goggles are already parting ways with the $3,500 device, citing discomfort, usability issues, and even motion sickness.

Launched in the US on February 2nd, the Vision Pro was hailed by Apple CEO Tim Cook as a herald of a new era in computing during its unveiling last year. The headset promises wearers an immersive augmented reality experience by overlaying digital content onto the physical world.

However, within days of its release, reports emerged of users returning the device due to various concerns. Tech executive Alexander Torrenegra, sharing his disappointment on social media, lamented the lack of dedicated apps and a compelling user experience. "Two hours after unboxing my Apple Vision Pro and using it, I decided to box it back up again and return it," he wrote on February 13th.

Torrenegra's sentiments echoed those of others who found the device intriguing but ultimately lacking in practical utility. Some users expressed frustration over discomfort and health issues, including motion sickness and headaches, which have plagued some AR and VR headset users in the past.

One user, voicing their experience on social media, praised the device's technological prowess but couldn't overlook the physical toll it took: "Can't wait to return the Vision Pro, probably the most mind-blowing piece of tech I've ever tried. Can't deal with these headaches after 10 minutes of use though," they shared.

Apple, in its user guide for the Vision Pro, acknowledges the potential for motion sickness, advising users to be vigilant for symptoms such as nausea and to cease use if experienced. The company's support page for the device also cautions users to wait until symptoms subside before engaging in activities requiring balance or coordination.

While Apple hasn't disclosed sales figures, a poll conducted by the unofficial Apple news site Cult of Mac revealed that 45 percent of respondents intended to return the headset. With Apple's 14-day return policy, early purchasers have until February 16th to initiate returns for a full refund, highlighting the challenges faced by the tech giant in delivering a seamless mixed reality experience to consumers.

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