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Ted-ex speaker Riaz Shah at the Digital Agenda Summit 2023

Bank of Cyprus presents Riaz Shah at the Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit


Riaz Shah, a member of the TED-ex community for over forty years, is renowned as a top speaker on the future of work and the workspaces of tomorrow. His TED-ex London talk, titled "Rise Above the Machines," is considered a global guide to the future of work. In Nicosia, he will present on the theme "The Future of Work."

Today, Riaz Shah is engaged in various projects with numerous governments worldwide, particularly in the fields of education and start-up ecosystems. He also hosts programs with prominent figures in Silicon Valley.

The 6th Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit 2023, centered around the theme "The New Normal," will address contemporary issues impacting humanity at the local and regional levels. It will cover topics like artificial intelligence, the evolving work environment, toxic communication, climate change in daily life, the better-late-than-never electrification of the automotive sector in Cyprus, the challenges in achieving energy self-sufficiency, and the interconnectedness of mental and physical health. Additionally, diversity will be emphasized as the new norm. This prominent conference in Nicosia promises to be the largest gathering for exploring new age perspectives.

The Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit is made possible through the support of Cyta and the Bank of Cyprus.

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