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TEPAK introduces fact-check center against fake news

University's fact-check gambit challenges widespread deception


The launch of Fact-Check Cyprus by the Social Computing Research Centre at Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK) marks a significant step in the ongoing battle against misinformation.

This initiative, designed to counter false information in Cyprus and Greece, brings together a consortium of experts dedicated to verifying and rectifying misleading news.

Fact-Check Cyprus has outlined two primary objectives: firstly, to identify and dissect false news stories circulating within the region, and secondly, to enhance public understanding of how to discern and address misinformation effectively.

The inception of this initiative follows a pivotal event titled "Misinformation & Anti-misinformation and migration" held at Cyprus University of Technology.

On November 16, 2023, a formal agreement was signed between Marinos Koutsomichalis representing TEPAK and Loukia Taxitari from the Fact-Check Cyprus team, solidifying their commitment to collaborative efforts in combating misinformation.

Fact-Check Cyprus seeks to address the far-reaching implications of misinformation by providing a reliable platform for accurate information dissemination.

It also aims to empower individuals with the necessary tools to navigate today's complex media landscape with confidence and discernment.

Through strategic partnerships and targeted interventions, Fact-Check Cyprus endeavors to establish itself as a trusted authority in the fight against misinformation, fostering a culture of critical thinking and media literacy among the public.

[With information sourced from Fact Check Hub]

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