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APOEL Captain turns down Sochi's 700K euro offer

Georgian striker shuns Russian Premier League opportunity


Reports from Georgia indicate that Russian Premier League club Sochi has extended a cooperation proposal to Georgi Kvilitaya, the captain of APOEL, a Cypriot football club.

According to sources in Georgia, the offer from Sochi entails a lucrative contract, with earnings nearing 700 thousand euros annually. The proposition aimed to secure Kvilitaya's transfer to the Russian club, potentially bolstering Sochi's roster with his talent and experience.

However, despite the attractive terms presented by Sochi, Georgi Kvilitaya has reportedly declined the offer. The 30-year-old forward expressed his reluctance to join the Russian league, indicating a preference to continue his football career elsewhere.

Kvilitaya's decision comes as his contract with APOEL approaches its conclusion, with only four months remaining before its expiration. While Sochi sought to acquire the services of the seasoned striker, Kvilitaya's stance reflects his desire to explore alternative opportunities outside of the Russian football landscape.

The development underscores the complexities inherent in player transfers and highlights the divergent preferences and priorities that shape individual career trajectories within the global footballing community.

[With information sourced from 24 Sports]

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