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Hooded men attack minors after APOLLON vs. APOEL match

Three arrests and violent incident unfold


In a tumultuous turn of events following the APOLLON vs. APOEL football match in Limassol, law enforcement made significant arrests and responded to a violent incident that marred the post-game atmosphere.

As fans were leaving the stadium, tensions escalated into an alleged attack by one group on another, with objects being thrown. The situation prompted immediate intervention by the Mobile Crime Division (MCD) to restore order.

During the police operation, a 22-year-old Nicosia resident was apprehended and is now under investigation for using an object as a potential offensive weapon and concealing a hooded face. He has been detained to facilitate further interrogations, and the case is being actively pursued by the Episkopi Police Station.

In a separate incident reported after the match in Limassol, a 15-year-old resident found himself in a private clinic with injuries. According to the victim, he and his 17-year-old friend were attacked by a group of seven hooded individuals sporting the insignia of the rival team.

The assailants reportedly used punches, kicks, and even a bat during the assault. Medical examinations revealed bruises and abrasions on the 15-year-old's head and neck, prompting precautionary treatment in the clinic. The 17-year-old, fortunately, escaped injury. The Episkopi Police Station is actively investigating this case.

Meanwhile, during the OMONOIA vs. AEL match in Nicosia, two hooded individuals caught attention for disrupting the event. The duo was spotted throwing firecrackers in the stands of the GSP stadium. Upon being taken to the police office at the stadium, it was discovered that the perpetrators were 19-year-olds, in possession of nine additional firecrackers.

They have been arrested, remanded in custody, and are scheduled to appear before the court to face charges. The Strovolos Police Station is leading the investigation into this incident.

These recent events underscore the challenges authorities face in maintaining order during sports events, as efforts are underway to address the consequences of violence and bring those responsible to justice.

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