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The Cabinet's decision on Akamas published today

What it includes

The Akamas Local Plan, prepared by the Minister of Interior, was published by K after being approved by the Council of Ministers. It governs development within the administrative boundaries of the municipalities of Kathika, Pano Arodon, Kato Arodon, Ineia, Druscia, Fasli, Androlykos, and Neos Chorio. You may recall that the Council of Ministers, at its meeting on Wednesday, February 22, gave the Minister of the Interior permission to publish the Akamas Local Plan with a six-month delay in its implementation, or until September 1, 2023, in order to further assess the likelihood of achieving the Development Plan's goals pertaining to the economic and social aspects.

It is anticipated that during the six months that the 'White Zone' will be in effect, the area's data will be evaluated, and of course, pertinent studies will be conducted to better define measures and actions to meet the established socio-economic strategic objectives. It should be noted that the four-month window for filing objections to the Akamas Local Plan's provisions also opens with its publication, allowing the Planning and Zoning Department to review any potential objections in advance.

See the summary in English and the original published document in Greek below


1. Notice is hereby given that pursuant to the provisions of section 18(2) of the Town and Country Planning Act, the Minister of the Interior has prepared the Akama Local Plan, which regulates development in the administrative boundaries of the municipalities of Kathika, Upper Arodon, Kato Arodon, Ineia, Druscia, Fashli, Androlykos and Neos Chorio.
2. The Akamas Local Plan includes as integral parts:
(a) The document entitled "Akama Local Plan - Provisions and Policy Measures" dated February 2023,
which includes the Inserted Plans No. A1-A6 and B1-B5.
(b) The document entitled "Local Plan Appendices" marked "Approved" and dated 2012 and the
its respective amendments/approvals.
(c) A series of plans of various scales as described in the main Local Plan document.
3. Copies of the Local Plan have been deposited at the offices of the Community Councils of Kathika, Upper Aroydon,
Kato Arodon, Ineia, Droushia, Androlykos and Neo Horio, to the Paphos District Administration and to the Central Offices
Offices and the Paphos District Office of the Planning and Zoning Department, and are available for
available for inspection by any interested party during working days and hours. The documents and plans of the Local Plan
are also available on the website of the Planning and Zoning Department at the following address
4. The implementation of the provisions of the Akamas Local Plan shall take effect on September 1, 2023, after the expiration
the six-month period set by the Council of Ministers for further consideration of the economic and
social aspects of the Plan.
5. In accordance with the provisions of section 18(5) of the Act, within a period of four (4) months from the
date of publication of this Notification, any interested person may submit to the Minister
Interior Minister justified objections against the provisions of the Akamas Local Plan, based on specific


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