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The majority in the occupied territories are in favor of the adoption of the euro

Many also believe that corruption is widespread

Source: CNA

The majority of those living in the occupied territories support the changeover to the euro to reduce the effects of the crisis due to the fall of the Turkish pound, according to the latest part of the poll by the Center for Migration, Identity and Rights Research (CMIRS).

The Turkish newspaper Halkın Sesi writes that the survey was conducted by telephone with the participation of 500 people and that the company conducts similar surveys every three months.

According to the newspaper article, 82.56% of respondents believe that crime remains unpunished in the occupied territories. This percentage was only 56.4% during the survey in March 2021 and 73.74% in June of the same year.

88.6% of survey participants believe that corruption is widespread in the occupied territories. This percentage was 86.98% in June 2021.

82.64% of respondents believe that organized crime is widespread in the occupied territories. This percentage was 78.26% in June 2021.

Asked to comment on the statement that "in order to reduce the consequences of the currency crisis, there must be a changeover to the euro in northern Cyprus" as reported by the occupied territories, the survey participants answered "agree" or "absolutely agree" at 63.79%.

77.9% answered that they do not agree with the statement that the construction of a building complex that includes a "presidential palace" is needed, while 22.03% consider that such a building is necessary.

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