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Third female arrested in Nicosia brothel case

Police mulling over whether to keep holding three Asian women in custody over illegal prostitution charges


A third suspect has been arrested in connection with a sex trafficking case, following the remand of two other women accused of being involved in running an illegal brothel in Nicosia.

Police arrested a 36-year-old Asian female on Monday on suspicion of being involved in a sex trafficking ring. Possible charges include trafficking, pimping, sexual exploitation, running an illegal brothel, and living off illegal profits from prostitution.

Investigators are assessing whether to seek a remand hearing for the suspect, depending on the ongoing investigation into two other Asian females already in custody

Sources told Knews that police investigators are assessing whether to seek a remand hearing for the suspect, something which may depend on the ongoing investigation into last week’s arrest of two other Asian females. They were remanded on October 22 for eight days in connection with the same case.

Last week, a Nicosia District Court judge ordered the eight day remand of two females, aged 47, following their arrest a day earlier during a covert police operation in Nicosia. Cops from a special crime prevention unit, in cooperation with anti-trafficking officers, raided two residences in Nicosia on October 21 and arrested the two female suspects on similar charges.

Police told Knews the operation was not connected to recent raids where cops were also arrested for taking part in sex trafficking of Eastern European women.

While prostitution is not illegal in the Republic of Cyprus, trafficking, pimping, and public soliciting for sex are offences punishable by law.

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