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Threatening email prompts police mobilization

Authorities respond to disturbing message alluding to violence


A threatening email sent to schools across Cyprus on Friday morning, May 17, prompted concern as authorities responded swiftly to the alert.

The email referenced an explosive device, triggering immediate investigations by bomb squads and subsequent evacuations of the schools.

Meanwhile, police at a primary school in the capital advised parents to take their children out of school, though the ministry suggested they stay in school as usual.

The threatening email contained chilling warnings of violence, including references to bombings and attacks on civilians reminiscent of past tragedies.

Excerpt from the email

There is a bomb at the school.

We have always looked forward to the day when we can go downtown and not hide our faces.

The day will come when the images in our heads will become the destructive force of reality that you will feel in these walls.

The blood of teachers will be spilled in the schools.

We will cut their throats.

The enemies of Allah will lie about our deeds.

The Sharia does not divide non-believers into war and peace...

...we will destroy you in the streets.

Our trucks are full of explosives.

We will destroy you in the main squares like in Nice.

And we'll cut the crowds with knives.

They will break into you and blow themselves up.

We will drown you in blood.

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