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Three new coronavirus cases, uni student among them

The university student who tested positive, despite having no travel history or symptoms, is not aware of coming into contact with a known case


Three coronavirus cases were detected in the Republic of Cyprus on Monday, when 3,036 tests were conducted, raising total known cases to 1,603.

One of the three new cases as detected among samples collected at public health clinics, involving a person who developed symptoms at was referred for testing by their GP.

The second new cases was detected among the samples collected in the framework of the program targeting 5,000 people aged 18-40 and who frequent in crowded spaces. The new case involves a university student with no travel history or symptoms, and who is not aware of coming into contact with a known coronavirus carrier.

The third new case involves a woman of Greek nationality who took the initiative to get tested. The case had on September 19 flown to Cyprus from Greece, where she had already tested positive three weeks ago. Though she presented a negative coronavirus test conducted in Greece prior to flying to Cyprus, she got tested anew at the request of her Cyprus employer before returning to work, with the test coming back positive.

On Monday, a patient that was receiving treatment at the Nicosia general hospital ICU was transferred to the Famagusta general hospital, which is currently treating nine coronavirus patients, two of which are in the ICU.

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