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Three teens arrested in bus fire

Police catch and release three teenage boys suspected of torching a bus in Limassol


Three teenagers have been arrested in connection with the torching of a bus in Limassol over the weekend, two days following a similar incident in Paphos.

According to police, a 16-year-old male and two boys aged 15 were arrested on Tuesday, following witness accounts that pointed to the suspects as the culprits in the Limassol bus fire case.

The Limassol incident took place two days after another bus in Paphos was completely destroyed in a fire

Two of the boys reportedly told police investigators that the other teen, a 15-year-old boy was the person who carried out the arson. All three were released and are expected to face charges at a later time.

The incident took place on Sunday, just two days after another bus in Paphos was completely destroyed in a fire that broke out in the early morning hours.

The bus in Paphos was parked in an area leased by Osypa bus company in the Mesogi-Tremithousa area. The fire was noticed just before 4am last Friday, with fire fighters rushing to the scene and extinguishing the fire before it could spread to other vehicles.

Paphos officials said they were certain the incident was an arson attack. They said the fire had started inside the bus while the batteries had been disconnected, prompting them to rule out the possibility of a short circuit.

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