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Trail of fire and suspicion: The 13 migrants' saga

Unmasking the impostor policemen

By Yiannis Souliotis

Two separate case files were created by the Alexandroupolis Security regarding the incident of detaining 13 migrants in a trailer by three self-proclaimed "police officers." This took place in Evros on the evening of Tuesday, August 22nd.

One case file concerns the 13 migrants and includes charges of attempted arson, manufacturing and possession of explosives, as well as illegal entry into the country.

As for the three men, 2 Greeks and the owner of the vehicle with Albanian origins, the charges relate to incitement to commit crimes of violence or discord with racist motives, as well as racially motivated abduction and endangerment. It is noteworthy that these men handed over an incendiary device to the police authorities.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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