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Tsipras: Greece and Cyprus pillars of stability in a turbulent region

Greek Premier tells EP Plenary that answers are needed for a progressive future, not a return to the past

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Greece and Cyprus are the only European pillars of stability and security in a turbulent region, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has told the European Parliament Plenary in Strasbourg.

Speaking before the Parliamentarians on Tuesday, on the future of Europe, the Greek Premier spoke of the Greek foreign policy saying that Greece along with Cyprus, has signed a number of agreements with Egypt and Israel, has deepened its cooperation with western Balkans, is carrying on the dialogue with Albania and has left the door open for a dialogue with Turkey, promoting solutions for the refugee crisis and working for a just and viable solution to the Cyprus problem.

Tsipras made reference to the recent agreement between Greece and FYROM pointing out that this agreement is a model for crisis solution in our region.

The Greek Prime Minister in his speech also referred to the economic crisis and the hardships the country and its people went through, pointing out that Greece was a part of the problem and now is becoming part of the solution. He also pledged that his government will carry on the reforms and will not return to the past.

Tsipras also said that Greece, amid the crisis, welcomed large numbers of refugees and showed its solidarity when other EU countries were closing their borders.

On the upcoming EU elections, he said that we should not let the idea of Europe die and we should give solutions to the crisis because if EU fails we are faced with the rise of far-right movements, chauvinism and xenophobia which will lead to the collapse of EU.

Tsipras pointed out the need for answers and solutions for a better Europe and all progressive powers need to join forces and prevent EU form returning to the past

He pointed out that we need to give answers and solutions for a better Europe and all progressive powers need to join forces and prevent EU form returning to the past.

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