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Turkish hacker targets Cyprus Parliament website

An announcement said Parliament's website was under attack on Monday by a Turkish hacker, postponing the publication of a list detailing loans by PEPs


The Cyprus Parliament’s website was on Monday facing attacks by a Turkish hacker, an announcement by the House of Representatives said.

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The announcement said the attack follows a series of similar strikes mounted against the Defence Ministry website and the electronic systems of the Larnaca airport.

The development meant the publication of a list created by the audit service detailing the non-performing loans (NPL) of politically-exposed persons (PEP) had to wait until security was restored. The list, detailing NPLs involving 22 PEPs, was eventually published later on Monday. MPs agreed during Friday's plenum that the list is published on Parliament's website. The vote drew 41 yeses, one against, and two abstentions. Kathimerini Cyprus reported that the vote against the publication of the list involved MP Zacharias Koulias, while abstentions involved Marinos Sizopoulos and DISY MP Costas Constantinou.

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