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Turkish soldiers shout and curse in wake of Agios Dometios incident

Mayor Petrou describes frightening situation

By Demetris Louka

The mayor of Agios Dometios, Mr. Kostas Petrou, spoke to 24news about the serious incident involving the violation of the buffer zone by the Turkish army on Monday afternoon (27/11).

Mr. Petrou revealed that there has been intense activity in the area by the Turkish army for about 1.5 months, particularly around the uninhabited house known as "Maria's House."

In response to continued provocations, Mr. Petrou stated that complaints were filed with the United Nations, and the National Guard was informed.

Describing yesterday's incident, he mentioned that around 40 Turkish soldiers entered a two-story residence, shouting and cursing, causing great concern among the residents.

According to Mr. Petrou, the Turkish soldiers placed a camera in the uninhabited house while United Nations members were on-site to enforce the situation.

When asked about the residents' concerns, he expressed, "There is concern, as yesterday's incident was different, with armed Turkish soldiers provoking the residents. If anything, the whole situation is a bit frightening."

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, UNFICYP spokesman Alim Siddiq stated that unauthorized work within the UN neutral zone is strictly prohibited.

Siddiq addressed the Turkish occupation forces' placement of a metal mast with a rotating camera and a lifting platform on an unoccupied house in the buffer zone on Monday.

He emphasized that the situation in the area was calm that morning and mentioned ongoing discussions with the Turkish Cypriot side to prevent further tensions and maintain the status quo.

Concluding, Siddiq stated that the peacekeeping force continues to closely monitor the area. Government Spokesman Constantinos Letymbiotis reported on Monday that Turkish occupation forces entered the buffer zone in the St. Dometios area.

He noted the installation of a metal mast with a rotating camera and a canopy on an uninhabited house known as "Maria's House," describing the incident as a serious ongoing violation of the buffer zone.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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