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UK lifts quarantine rule for travelers from Cyprus

Cyprus and Greece were among the 70 countries and British overseas territories that were deemed low-risk for coronavirus by the UK


The UK on Friday lifted the 14-day quarantine requirement for arrivals travelling from around 70 countries and British overseas territories.

The quarantine rule that was implemented on June 8 against a backdrop of reaction was lifted for arrivals coming into the UK from 58 countries and 14 British overseas territories that were deemed low-risk in terms of coronavirus.

Amongst these countries are the most popular destinations for UK tourists, including Greece and Cyprus.

Unlike Britain, Wales, and Northern Ireland, Scotland opted to keep the quarantine rule for arrivals coming in from Spain.

While the requirement to spend two weeks in quarantine was officially lifted, UK authorities still require arrivals to provide accommodation and contact details so they can be easily reached in case a coronavirus case emerges that they may have been exposed to.

The UK retained the quarantine requirement for countries including the UK, mainland Portugal, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China.

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