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Hard coal consumption in Cyprus higher than 2010 levels

While the EU as a whole has recorded a steady decline in hard coal consumption since 1990, the figure for Cyprus in 2019 was even higher than 2010 levels


Europe’s statistical service announced that recent years have seen a steady decline in hard coal consumption across the EU, but figures for Cyprus show that in 2019, hard coal consumption was much higher than the year before, and even higher than 2010 levels.

In 2019, the EU as a whole consumed 176 million tonnes of hard coal, a 55% decrease compared to 390 million tonnes consumed in 1990.

In Cyprus, hard coal consumption in 1990 was at 97,000 tonnes. The figure then steadily dropped to 49,000 tonnes in 2000, 26,000 tonnes in 2010, and 22,554 tonnes in 2018, before a sharp rise was recorded in 2019 when 27,685 tonnes of hard coal were consumed.

Hard coal production in the EU has also been dropping steadily. In 2019, 65 million tonnes were produced – 9% less than 2018 production levels and 77% less than the 277 million tonnes produced in 1990.

In 1990, 13 member states of today’s bloc produced hard coal, while by 2019 just two EU member states were producing hard coal: Poland (61.6 million tonnes), and the Czech Republic (3.4 million tonnes).

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