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Cyprus waves UK on after results are in

Health administrators give official okay bumping Britain up to Category B starting Saturday, August 1


The path to category B for the United Kingdom has been confirmed by Cypriot health officials, with British tourists arriving on the island from Saturday required to show negative test.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, health ministry administrators in the Republic of Cyprus gave the official okay for Britain, bumping up the country to Category B, following an evaluation of the epidemiological risk of countries regarding COVID-19.

Passengers from Category B must have undergone laboratory tests at least 72 hours before their departure and have obtained a certificate proving they tested negative.

All passengers, irrespective of nationality, must to apply for the Cyprus Flight Pass within 24 hours before their flight departure

Exceptions to the test prior to flight are allowed for certain passengers, who must take the test upon landing at the airport. These groups include Cypriot citizens, permanent residents, eligible persons based on the Vienna Convention, persons with a special permit from the Republic, and persons whose country does not provide tests for those wishing to travel.

Passengers will be responsible for any financial costs associated with taking the test and they will have to remain in self-isolation until results are available.

CNA also reported that all passengers, irrespective of nationality, are obliged to apply for the Cyprus Flight Pass within 24 hours before their flight departure.

Furthermore, random tests for passengers of selected flight arrivals will be carried out regardless of category.

Passengers from countries in category A or low risk do not in general have any restrictions while category C implies mandatory quarantine.

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