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Union calls on authorities to show caution after three on-duty T/C journalists injured at Saturday protest

The Union of Cyprus Journalists said it is 'unacceptable' that on-duty journalists needed medical treatment after tear gas was fired by G/C police


The Union of Cyprus Journalists called on the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus to show caution in the presence of journalists, after three on-duty Turkish Cypriot journalists required hospital treatment following the spraying of tear gas at the Ledra checkpoint protest on Saturday.

In an announcement on Monday, the Union of Cyprus Journalists said that they were informed by the Turkish Cypriot journalists union that three journalists – Serkan Soyalan of Sim Kanal, Erol Uysal of the TAK news agency, and Pinar Barut of Havadis newspaper – required medical care as a result of the firing of tear gas by Greek Cypriot police during Saturday’s protest against the checkpoint closures.

The union added that one of the Turkish Cypriot journalists, Serkan Soyalan, needed to be rushed to hospital for treatment.

“The Board of Directors of the Union of Cyprus Journalists believes that the injury of on-duty journalists is an unacceptable act wherever it may occur and the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus should show particular caution and sensitivity when they are faced with journalists simply trying to perform their duties,” the union said.

Turkish Cypriot sources said eight protesters required medical treatment after a protest on Saturday against the Republic of Cyprus' move to close four checkpoints in what it said is a temporary coronavirus protection measure.

The demonstration intensified when protesters from the north, who gathered in the Buffer Zone, attempted to break through police lines to cross over to the south, with Greek Cypriot police resorting to spraying tear gas from a very short distance and hitting protesters in the first line with batons.


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