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Unmasked man arrested after punching bus driver

Suspect goes ballistic, throws rocks at bus after being denied boarding in Limassol


A man has been arrested on assault charges after a bus driver said he was punched in the face for asking a would-be passenger to put on a face mask.

Police said a 30-year-old male suspect was detained Thursday in Limassol in connection with an incident a day earlier, when a bus driver asked a man to wear a face mask before getting on the bus.

After he was told he could not board the bus without wearing a face mask, the suspect punched the driver in the face and exited the vehicle. He then proceeded to curse and throw rocks at the bus, according to police, while causing damages to the tune of €2600.

Additional reports said the man was attempting to get on the bus with a young female, while it was not clear whether or not she was wearing a protective mask.

The suspect, who was described as a Cypriot national, is facing multiples charges including common assault, malicious property damage, and public insult.

Under pandemic government rules and restrictions in the Republic of Cyprus, citizens using public transport including passengers on buses are required to wear a face mask.

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